Meet Your Subaru Delivery Specialist at Jensen Subaru



  • Perform a pre-delivery to ensure the vehicle is ready for you
  • Welcome you to the Jensen Subaru family by making your vehicle delivery a fun and educational experience
  • Be available to go over any part of your new Subaru's technology
  • Introduce you to our service department by completing a tour and giving you an introduction to our service writer
  • Give you all the vehicle product knowledge prior to delivery and give you a demo of Subaru EyeSight®
  • Follow up with you to ensure satisfaction with your delivery and to maintain a long-term relationship where you are taken care of for all of your Subaru ownership needs

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Discover a New Level of Customer Satisfaction when Shopping at Jensen Subaru

Here at Jensen Subaru, our team is committed to getting you behind the wheel of the ideal new Subaru for satisfying your every automotive need. Of course, our team is here to do far more than just that. With an onsite Subaru Delivery Specialist, you can count on our team to provide you with the kind of shopping experience that's nothing short of exceptional. All too often, taking delivery of your vehicle consists of nothing more than a salesman tossing you the keys and flashing a smile as they walk away. Fortunately for you, at Jensen Subaru, we believe that you deserve more.

Our Subaru Delivery Specialist, David Wilch, is an expert on all things Subaru and will provide you with a complete demonstration of all that your new Subaru has to offer. Beyond that, he will also provide you with a first-class tour of our facilities, introducing you to our most committed team members. Our appreciation of our customers extends far beyond the delivery of your new vehicle, and that's why we take great pride in providing our customers with a Subaru Delivery Specialist that can provide them with the resources that they need to enjoy their new Subaru.

Enjoy a VIP Shopping Experience when Shopping with our Team

Shop at Jensen Subaru for your next vehicle, and you'll be treated to an unmatched shopping and ownership experience. Our Subaru Delivery Specialist will make sure that you have a thorough understanding of your new Subaru, and will gladly answer any lingering questions that you might have. And when it comes time for maintenance and repair? Visit our Service Center to speak with one of our expert mechanics about how our team can best satisfy all of your new Subaru's maintenance needs.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of shopping at Jensen Subaru? Have questions about our Subaru Delivery Specialist? Then we invite you to contact our Subaru Delivery Specialist, David Wilch, at (712) 255-3000 or by e-mailing today. We would be more than happy to give you the inside scoop on this exclusive program, and will gladly get you scheduled for a test drive.

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